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Local Long Island Honey & Bees
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Local Long Island Honey & Local Bees 

Toms Honey Bees Long Island, NY 

Our Honey
Our honey bees produce wildflower honey from the natural nectar sources surrounding our outyards. Our honey is strained not filtered. It is not pasteurized or highly processed. Tom's honey retains all the flavor, and properties, of pure raw honey including pollen, propolis, natural enzymes, complex sugars and vitamins. It is fresh local honey! For those who have only tasted store bought honey, you owe it to yourself to try ours.

Our Bees
Our underlying premise is that "healthy local bees are the best bees" and we have based our honey bee farm practices upon this belief.
Tom's bees were developed using Carniolan and Italian honey bee gene pools. The Queen bees are reared and open mated in our bee yards. All of our bees are hardy, excellent foragers, gentle and overwinter well.
The result of our apiary management system is a uniquely Long Island Honey Bee. 

Register Your Bees With NY State Dept. of Agriculture & Mkts.

Download the NYS Apiary Registration Form here.

Toms Honey Bees - Long Island Wildflower Honey


Honey, Beeswax Candles, Lip Balms, Natural Soap, Pollen and Propolis

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