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For candles, balms, soaps & honey visit our Etsy Store.

For Honey Shares-CSA:
eMail us with your selections.
Please include your contact information in your eMail, including your telephone number, physical address and eMail address.

We need your eMail address to send you a PayPal invoice so you can pay for your selections.

PayPal accepts major credit cards and you need not be a PayPal member to pay your invoice.
It's easy, fast and secure.
We do not handle any of your payment information, secure payments are handled by PayPal. 

We will eMail you regarding availability, total price and request your confirmation prior to sending you your PayPal invoice.

For Honey Bees:
We do not ship bees.

Please see the bee section in our catalog for more information.
We require payment in advance. We will not hold bees without payment.
Quantities are limited.
Spring nucs are typically ready for pick up in April or early May, depending upon our spring time weather. 
Summer nucs are ready in July.
Nuc pick-up is at our apiary in Jamesport.
Contact us:

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