Tom’s Honey Bees is based on beautiful Long Island, NY.  Our honey is harvested from our apiaries located from the East End Twin Forks, along the South Shore, to Middle Island in Western Suffolk. Tom’s primary product is pure, natural, unaltered L.I. honey. It has become the favorite honey for many folks both near and far, and we’re proud of it.
With a background in agriculture, bees and beekeeping had always been on our radar. Determined to remain in some type of farming related endeavor honey bees seemed to fit the bill perfectly, and so honey and bee farming it is.
Of course, it’s more than just a job. To raise bees successfully, to produce some of the finest honey available on Long Island, to make some money at it, requires a fondness for and a dedication to a little bug.  It’s become our way of life.
Here at Tom’s Honey Bees, we go to great lengths so our bees thrive, not just survive. This means experimenting with different bee keeping methods, trying new bee yards and introducing new bee strains to our apiary. It does not mean treating our bees with hard chemicals that linger in the comb or honey. Only organic soft treatments are used to combat the present day maladies of our honey bees. No antibiotics, no ‘poisons’. No contamination.
So in a nut shell, passion and hard work, experience, good bees, solid equipment, and a bit of luck is what Tom Tyrrell, the owner and beekeeper, brings to the operation we call Tom’s Honey Bees. Mother nature adds a healthy habitat, good forage and some warm weather, and then the bees do all the rest!