Honey Bee Nuc Hives
updated 1/16/22
We are not offering Spring nucs this year as we have been concentrating our efforts the last few years on our queen breeding program. We will have mated queen bees available throughout the summer, as well as full sized colonies and summer nucs, if you are in need of some good, calm, productive and hardy local bees. 
As always, if you have a special request or need to purchase honey bee colonies, queen bees or honey please contact us.


Winter honey Availability

updated 1/16/22
We are planning a honey delivery/drop off for Saturday February, 19, 2022 at the Islip Town Hall Farmers Market location from 10 am to 11 am.
Please contact us to place your order, be sure to include container size, quantity and your contact information in the message. We will not have stock on hand to make additional sales on that day. Payment due in cash upon pickup.
Long Island Wildflower Honey Prices:
1 lb. squeeze $20
2 lb. squeeze $35
3 lb. squeeze $50
Additional information and updates will be posted here if necessary.