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Tom’s Honey Bees proudly produces Local Long Island Wildflower Honey.
The  out yards, where we keep our bees, are located in some of the most pristine environments found on Long Island. The wide variety of pollen and nectar producing trees, plants and wildflowers which are found in these areas enables us to offer a Wildflower Honey unrivaled by any other honey produced on Long Island.
We are beekeepers, not a honey marketing company like so many others. We actually keep the bees that make the local honey crop and we invite you to compare our fresh local honey to any other.
To ensure the quality and wholesomeness of our product we only sell honey that has been produced by utilizing the most natural hive management practices possible.
We bottle only pure, raw and natural honey. It contains all of the original properties of pure raw natural honey. Our process consists of extracting, straining, settling and bottling. The honey’s flavor will naturally vary by season and location of the hive which produced it. It’s that simple!
The workforce of our business, our locally raised honey bees, are well adapted to the Long Island climate. They work hard on even marginal weather days and it’s an honor to have them as part of our team.
We have been able to produce a local strain of honey bee that is gentle, prolific, hardy and highly productive.
In addition, our bees have been able to thrive with minimal intervention in spite of the horrific maladies now effecting honey bees. 
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We are certified producers participating in the New York State Grown and Certified Program.

NYS Grown & Certified