Tom's Honey & Bees

A New York State certified producer of the finest
Long Island wildflower honey and bees.

Pure Honey. Healthy Bees.

Our honey bees proudly produce a uniquely local Long Island wildflower honey.
To ensure the quality and wholesomeness of our product, we only sell honey that has been
produced by utilizing the most natural hive management practices possible.

Raw Long Island Honey

Our Bee Team Is Our A-Team

Ms. Queen Bee
Boss Lady
Ms. Worker Bee
Managed Care Services
Mr. Drone Bee
Mating Services
Mr. Tom
Our Beekeeper

About Our Honey Bees

The workforce of our business, our locally raised honey bees, are well adapted to the Long Island climate. They work hard on even marginal weather days, and we are honored to have them as part of our team. We have produced a gentle, prolific, hardy, and highly productive local strain that can thrive with minimal intervention despite the horrific maladies now affecting honey bees.

We Are Beekeepers
Not A Honey Marketing Company

We keep the bees that make the local crop,
and we invite you to compare our fresh local honey to any other.